Past Auctions

Annual spring Sale I | April 2024

April 19-20, 2024
Sale totals $1.67 Million

Plus a Bonus BASICS Cyber Monday sale | April 22nd. Featured collections include Spelter Banks from Jim & Genia Willet, the Bob Davis Aeronautical collection, and the soldier & figure collection of the late Oscar Hijuelos.

The Smith Collection I | March 2024

March 16th, 2024
Part I sale totals $1.27M

Recognized as one of the finest in quality and condition of pre-1900 American toys, this collection is unrivaled with rarity and legendary provenance from all the great early collectors and includes many actual examples from the Bernard Barenholtz, Blair Whitton and Louis Hertz books.

Holiday Exclusive | December 2023

December 1, 2023
Sale totals $845,000

Christmas, Halloween, Easter, patriotic and George Washington, amongst other soft and delicate antiques. nodders, candy containers, Dresdens and glass ornaments, Steiff bears and figures, dolls and doll houses, even Halloween costumes!

Annual Fall Sale | November 2023

November 17-18, 2023
Sale totals $1.8 Million

Highlighted categories include Mechanical Banks, Spelter and iron Still Banks, sensational European tinplate toys and wind-ups, Trains and Airplanes, and much more!

Hurlbert Mechanical Banks | Willett Still Banks  |  Davis Aeronautical Collection

Spring Hybrid | May 2023

May 11-12, 2023
Sale totals over $600,000

A Bertoia Hybrid Sale with a highlighted day one of choice cast iron toys and doorstops, Kingsbury & pressed steel, and a great selection of advertising and country store memorabilia. With a day 2 Basics, there is something for everyone.

Spring Signature Sale | March 2023

March 24-25, 2023
Sale totals over $1.8 Million

A smooth two day sale with participation from around the globe showcasing the Bertoia degree of integrity. Highlight collections of Rudd Trowbridge banks, European toys from the Steel collection, & a private lifetime doorstop collection.

Annual Fall Sale | November 2022

November 17-18, 2022
Sale totals nearly $2.7 Million

A sensational two day sale with numerous world record prices. Featured collections of Jack White’s mechanical banks, Bob Brady’s toys, Michael Yolles Kingsbury toys, and holiday items from the Curtis & Linda Smith collection.

Abby's Attic Finds | October 2022

October 14, 2022
Sale III brings in another $550k

Over 150 mechanical banks and stills, early clockwork toys, candy containers, paper lithographed pieces, European tin toys, horse drawn pieces, and numerous examples of rarities which only turn up in a spectacular 60 year old collection.

The Weart Collection | October 2022

September 8-9, 2022
Sale totals over $1.2 Million

Co-authors of the Cast Iron Automotive Toys book, the collection is heavily concentrated on outstanding cast iron toys. Including everything from autos to airplanes, the collection will impress all who view it.

Annual Spring Sale | May 2022

May 19-20, 2022
Sale totals $1.2 Million

A two day sale with toys,  banks, advertising to ephemera, trains to pressed steel, wind-ups and more. Highlights include a large Coca Cola collection, a huge array of tin wind-ups & penny toys, and a select grouping of toy soldiers.

Monique Knowlton Collection | March 2022

March 11-12, 2022
Sale totals $2.16 Million

An outstanding collection of comic character toys with countless boxed examples, German autos and cycles, Japanese toys, cars, and robots, American toys and more. A record setting international auction for the history books.

Annual Fall Auction | November 2021

November 18-19, 2021
Sale totals $2.3 Million

The exciting fall auction included a huge array of toys and collectibles ranging from tin toys and cast iron banks to Halloween and Christmas decorations. Collectors worldwide had a chance to participate.

Paul Cole Collection II | October 2021

October 15-16, 2021
Sale totals $1.89 Million

This part 2 sale of the Paul Cole collection again featured world class trains. In addition, the collection provided more incredible toys in multiple categories to range from cast iron to tinplate.

Schroeder Collection II | September 2021

September 10-11, 2021
Sale totals $2.6 Million

Part II of this alluring collection will include nearly 900 items over two days, demonstrating the vast scope of the Schoreder’s eye for graceful objects of excellence! Banks, toys, cigar cutters, games, Schoenhuts and more.

Paul Cole Collection I

May 21-22, 2021
Sale totals $2.5 Million

Part I of this sprawling collection included some the rarest Marklin trains and accessories, near mint cast iron autos and toys, American tin and clockwork toys, penny toys, unusual European wind-up toys, and more.

Annual Spring 2021 Auction

April 8-9, 2021
Sale totals $1 Million

April 8 & 9 auction featured American and European tin toys, cast iron toys, banks and doorstops, pressed steel transportation toys, comic character and Disney toys, Schoenhut, teddy bears, dolls and automatons, and a large grouping of Christmas, Easter and Halloween.

Schroeder Collection I

March 5-6, 2021
Sale totals $3.1 Million

From near mint mechanical banks to cast iron toys, American tin to European toys, aficionados of fine pieces found the Schroeder collection to be the perfect combination of elegance and condition, and the results show!

Annual Fall 2020 Auction

November 12-13, 2020
Sale totals $2.3 Million

A wonderful two day auction with featured collections from Bob Merck, Jay Schoedinger, and Larry Bethauer. Whether it be cast iron, trains, Christmas, or tin toys, this sale certainly had something for everyone!

Annual Spring 2020 Auction

May 7-8, 2020
Sale totals $2.5 Million

A top quality auction is already well underway. A fine European tin toy collection will be spearheading the second day, as collectors of all categories; from rare Banks to magnificent Christmas rarities will find the sale both impressive and exciting. Still Banks, Automatons, Comic toys, and Pressed Steel trucks will be highlighted.

Annual Fall 2019 Auction

November 14-16, 2019
Sale totals $2.25 Million

The November sale is certain to draw interest from all corners of the world. With the second half of the world class Samuel Downey Jr collection standing as the Saturday session headliner, fine European tinplate will certainly be the highlight of the weekend. However the accompanying selections of pressed steel and cast iron toys, mechanical & still banks, comic character toys, doorstops and more will surely prove to be an event worth attending.

Tony Annese Collection

October 11, 2019
Sale totals nearly $1.8 Million

A connoisseur collector, Tony had a great eye for collecting quality and condition over the past fifty years. Marklin trains & stations | German & French figures/soldiers | Cast iron toys | Christmas and Holiday items | Phenomenal Paper on wood toys.

Annual Spring 2019 Sale

May 23-24, 2019
Sale totals over $1.3 Million

Marklin & American Trains | Lehmann, Martin, and European tin toys | Early European motorcycles & autos | Comic character toys | Early American clockwork tin toys | The Ned Bauer still bank collection | Mechanical banks | Steiff bears | Cast iron autos | Penny toys | and so much more!

Spring 2019 Signature Sale

March 9-10, 2019
Sale totals nearly $2.3 Million

Marklin Boats & Trains | Early European motorcycles & Autos | Live Steam Engines and Accessories | Rare Penny Toys | Clockwork Automatons | Early American Clockwork Tin Toys | A near complete collection of Fernand Martin Toys | Hand painted Still Banks

Annual Fall 2018 Sale

November 9-11, 2018
Sale totals over $1.37 Million

Pressed Steel & Pedal Cars American & European Trains | European Tin Wind-Ups Comic Wind-Ups | Cast Iron Autos, Cycles, & Horse-drawn Doorstops & Mechanical Banks | Christmas & Halloween

Signature Fall 2018 Sale

September 22, 2018
Sale totals near $1.37 Million

The Collections of Ben Michel, Frank Mohr, and Stephen Douglas | Marklin Trains & Stations for the American Market| Clockwork Automatons | Early American Clockwork Tin Toys | A near complete collection of Fernand Martin Toys | Hand painted Still Banks