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  • The Dick Claus Collection – Sold for $3.2 million

    It has been two years since I entrusted my life-long collection of toy ships to the hands of Bertoia Auctions. With hindsight, and after much reflection, I cannot imagine how a more professional production could have been accomplished. From the last small detail of the lot tags to the outstanding advertising campaign, Bertoia showed its willingness to go the extra mile. Ad placement reached an unprecedented audience. The final displays in The Bertoia facility in Vineland outstandingly showcased the collection. In the final analysis, from the pick-up and packing to the final hammer blow, I could not be more pleased with this auction process.

    Dick Claus
    February 2014

  • The Donald Kaufman Collection – Sold for $12.3 million

    Considered by many the most influential toy collector of the twentieth century, Mr. Don Kaufman of Pittsfield Mass. amassed a collection which when sold created a stir in the antique toy world that will forever be remembered as one of the most exciting auction events of its kind. Spanning five sales sessions and totaling over twelve million dollars, Bertoia auctions has never been so proud in presenting such a rich diversity of toys to an awaiting toy community. Each auction session became its own event, and both Don and wife Sally were simply overwhelmed by the pandemonium they witnessed by their collecting peers. As he humbly signed his now legacy catalogs, and being a man best known by his generous deeds more then words, Dons appreciation toward the Bertoia auction house was expressed quite profoundly when he said, “You guys are the best…and I will never forget the great job you have all done with my collection.”