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Pressed Steel & Pedal Cars

The glory days for American steel pedal cars lasted for many years primarily between the World Wars. They were steady sellers in department store catalogs and toy stores across the country. Unfortunately, when ordered, they could only be sent to customers who lived near railroad tracks because mailing a steel car, even a small one, was simply not possible. Today, we can ship anywhere, and we enjoy giving pressed steel trucks and pedal cars the rebirth they deserve: the supply of varied examples will astound you. Buddy L, Keystone, Sturditoy, Murray, American National, and many more might just become your favorite scaled down toy.

Past Prices Realized

Prices Realized ($23,000)

bertoia buddy i tuboat

Prices Realized

Buddy L Tugboat, extremely rare example painted in red, thought to be a salesman sample. Sold in Sept 2011.

Prices Realized ($20,700)

bertoia buddy i flivver

Prices Realized

Buddy L Book example of the special red Flivver Ford Truck. Sold in Sept 2011. Est. $2,500 – $3,500

Prices Realized ($16,100)

bertoia buddy ice truck

Prices Realized

Near mint condition Buddy L Ice Truck w/box. Donald Kaufman Collection. Sept 2009.

Prices Realized ($5,015)

bertoia buddy i junior

Prices Realized

Circa 1930 Buddy L Junior Delivery Truck, sold in Nov 2013. Est. $2,000 – $2,500

Prices Realized ($23,600)

bertoia pedal car gendron packard

Prices Realized

Gendron pioneer line Packard pedal car in stunning colors and condition. Sept 2012. Est. $10,000 – $15,000

Prices Realized ($20,700)

bertoia pedal car toledo pierce

Prices Realized

Museum quality Toledo Juvenile Pierce Arrow pedal car from the Kaufman Collection. Sept 2009