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MARCH 27-28th 2015
The Max Berry Collection is one of the greatest antique mechanical bank and toy offerings of the decade. Following the premier offering of the collection, another 600 important selections will astound collectors of all levels and promises to create an event that will surely become legend.

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MARCH 27-28th 2015
Click to order the Max Berry Collection Part II catalog today, a leather-bound hard cover book sure to become a staple in cast iron toy and bank collecting. Mailing will begin as soon as the third week of February.

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MARCH 27-28th 2015
Click to view the entire Max Berry Part II online catalog, featuring several photos and multiple angles of each of the exciting toy and bank lots. Online absentee bidding with a simple registration and the click of a button.


Boy on Pony Penny Toy Chinaman in Rowboat Mechanical Bank Novelty Mechanical Bank Ives Boy with Lions Bell Toy Ives Oversized Donkey Cart